Kickstarter Creative Team

Why Impakt?

It’s 2017 and especially now, if a company is testing on animals, if a company is doing something unethical — it’s something I want to be aware of.

Kisha - Orlando, FL

If there was a tool — a magic button I could press — that would give me this kind of information, I would be ECSTATIC!

Melina - Boston, MA

A lot of companies advertise that they’re treating people right, but you have to do so much research to know if your money is going to the right places.

Alec - San Jose, CA

I do most of my shopping online, and I always end up opening another browser window so I can see what a company stands for.

Lauren - Augusta, GA

I would love to snap my fingers and instantly know where all my products are coming from! Especially for on the go — that’s hardest part!

Olivia - Brooklyn, NY